What INDYWEEK didn't publish... / by Carl Schuler

Carl's answers to the INDYWEEK questionnaire:


Name: Carl Schuler Website: carlschuler.org
Occupation: RN/ Clinical Research Phone Number: 919-599-5234
Email Address: gocarlschulergo@outlook.com Years Lived in Chapel Hill: 17 years
1) Please identify the three most pressing issues the town faces and how you will address them.
• Affordable Housing: continue current council’s work on affordable housing-based upon Chapel Hill
2020 process; look to sustain and possibly increase funds for AH while being fiscally smart about
•    Additional areas to address on the topic of affordable housing if elected to Council
o Ensure affordable housing properties under home owner associations have monthly HOA Fees
consistent with affordable housing. This oversight with affordability Home Owner Association Fees
needs to be address
o Promote the efforts and work with the Town's Office of Housing and Community to continue its work
with affordable housing policies and with other non-for profits agencies
o Adding housing subsidies for town’s public servants and UNC Healthcare staff who volunteer with
community services/projects serving the Town and staff healthcare providers
o Incentives to builders who share similar visions with town residents and Council goals
▪ Co-mingle market rate and affordable housing units (rather than AH units placed in a consolidated
•    Community (Arts| Business/Economic Development|Education, town development)
o Revise the Land Use Managementordinance
o Promote business opportunities in the town to build upon the unique interest of the college town
o Promote connectivity and inclusionarymeans
▪    Building upon existing library resources and services
▪    Expand upon available internet access for low income families|residents
•    Transportation
o Review transportation Plan and ridership numbers
o Implement additional or revised routes to serve the after 6pm ridership and ADA riders
o Ensure ready reserve of “backup” buses to keep the route schedule as consistent and reliable as
2) Given the current direction of Chapel Hill’s government, would you say things are generally on
the right course? If not, what specific changes you will advocate if elected?
Generally Council is on the right direction with the 2016-2018 Council goals
•                                                                      dressed in the question,

• The initial course for accommodation and change is the revision of form-based code for
Ephesus-Fordham district-[now known as Blue Hill district].
• Better information searching and archival features on the town’s site




3) Affordable housing is a major issue in Chapel Hill. How do you believe the town should address
affordability? Do you support using government funds or surplus government properties to provide
housing? Would you support a bond referendum targeting affordable housing?
The Town of Chapel Hill needs to continue in a direction that’s consistent with the spirit of
commitment and intent-voiced by Chapel Hill residents. I am in support of using Federal, State and
local funds for housing under good stewardship and with transparency to both citizens and tax
payers alike-implementing good accounting practices. Affordable housing will add costs to the
town’s budget; however, the residents of Chapel Hill have spoken on this issue and it will be up to
Council to direct resources to achieve affordable housing goals.

4) The Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit project has moved into the engineering phase, although the
Trump administration seems reticent to fund it. What are your thoughts on light rail? If completed,
do you believe the project will be worth the community’s investment? Why or why not?
I believe an equally important aspect of the DOLRT is the economic development and opportunity to
plan for greater density housing-including affordable housing on a consistent and predictably timed
light rail system. Again, this is an area that we need engagement, level- headed and a fiscally
smart approach as we weight the benefit and expense of light rail.

I would be very firm on my position to advocate for realistic appropriation of funds to ensure
ongoing maintenance (and additional maintenance) as the infrastructure ages-including track,
infrastructure and train/passenger car maintenance issues. I would also ensure transparency, so the
residents of the area fully understand what’s involved to move forward and maintain light rail
system plans.

5) What in your public or professional career shows your ability to be an effective member of the
town council? If you’ve identified specific issues above, what in your record has prepared you to
deal with them?
During my time as a Chapel Hill resident, I’ve been engaged in many civic matters and continue with
my community volunteering efforts.
I have been reappointed to a second term on the Chapel Hill Board of Adjustment. Additionally, I am
involved with the IFC’s Community House Advisory Committee and serve as a Mentee with the Blue
Ribbon Mentor Advocate Program.
These activities demonstrate my involvement to serve in the community and it also keeps me and
keeps me engaged.
My role as a member (past Vice-Chair) of the Board of Adjustment demonstrates my ability to
critically examine information, ask questions and view other points of view to make the best

possible decisions with the furnished information. My work as a Clinical Research Associate
involves both an independent and teamwork approach to accomplishing goals. I believe such past
experiences will make for a positive contribution to Council-if elected.

6) Please give an example of an action by the town council in the past year that should have been
handled differently. Also, what was the town’s biggest accomplishment during that period?
The issue of form-based code for the Blue Hill district should have been handled differently. While
the issue of form-based code is being tweaked, I applaud Council for taking steps in this
direction. Now into revisions [LUMO] I believe some growing pains are inevitable but a tangible
part of the process.
7) How do you identify yourself to others in terms of your political philosophy? For example, do
you tell people you’re a conservative, a moderate, a progressive, a libertarian?
I am a progressive.

8) If there are other issues you want to discuss, please do so here.
In part, my campaign is based upon the spirit of inclusivity and diversity-and the importance of
these qualities that Chapel Hill residents embrace.  I am interested in hearing from all concerned
citizens. If elected to Town Council, I will continue to advocate for including as much detail
about proposed bond referendum and Sales Tax initiatives so that all voters can make the
best-informed decisions.